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What is a dry herb vape pen?

A dry herb vape pen works by heating herbs to the point that their active ingredients are released into the air you are inhaling, but the herbs are not burned to produce smoke. Smoking herbs or any natural substance using the traditional combustion methods produce undesirable results such as health issues or stained teeth. Our vape pens eliminate the need for the old traditional methods.

What is a Wax Vape Pen?

It is designed to be used with herbal wax. You can take many different types of herbs and turn them into wax, which can then be vaped inside of a wax vaporizer. The Cannastick wax vaporizer creates clouds of vapor that looks just like smoke. It's a much smarter way to take herbs(compared to smoking them). Herbal vaporizer wax is a newer technique and has made vape pens very popular. This process of vaporizing herbal wax is known as "Dabbing".


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